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When we see the doctor or go to the hospital, it’s usually with the expectation that we’ll leave healthier than when we went in. Generally, that’s what happens. But when doctors, nurses, surgeons or other medical professionals make mistakes, the cost can be steep.

At Quinn Logue, LLC, we represent families in Pittsburgh and throughout western Pennsylvania who suffered serious injuries because of the negligence of health care professionals.

Why Do Medical Mistakes Happen?

Most family practice doctors see an average of 100 patients a week, or about 20 patients each day. They have less time to do paperwork and are expected to see more patients than they did a few years ago. In addition, many areas of medicine are facing a shortage of doctors right now. Patients wait months to get in with a doctor, and the doctor rushes through the 20 minutes they have together.

With so much emphasis on moving through patients quickly, it’s not surprising that there are accidents. Doctors are working quickly, working long hours and working when they’re fatigued. In that environment, mistakes are almost inevitable. Some of the most common medical mistakes include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Prescribing the wrong medicine
  • Administering the wrong medicine
  • Administering the wrong dose of medicine

Protecting Other Families in Pennsylvania from the Same Medical Mistakes

When we meet with clients, we take the time to identify every party who may have contributed to the accident. Is the hospital administrator at fault for failing to staff the hospital appropriately? Is the nurse at fault for administering an incorrect dose of medicine? Is the doctor at fault for overlooking symptoms?

By identifying the breaks in the system and holding the negligent parties liable, we can help ensure other people don’t suffer from the same mistakes. Learn more about whether you may have a medical malpractice case by scheduling a free initial consultation. Complete our secure online form or call our office directly.

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