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Opioid Overdose Deaths Attributed To Doctor

January 15, 2018


A Pittsburgh doctor has recently been charged with causing the deaths of two patients. He is being charged with “drug delivery resulting in death.”

According to state prosecutors, the doctor overprescribed opioids to these two patients, resulting in overdoses. An investigation was launched back in 2016 after one of the doctor’s employees reported his prescriptions for large amounts of opioids.

One of the patients who overdosed was reported as a “young woman with pain complaints, mental disorder and little to justify the high-dose opioid prescribing she was receiving,” by a physician hired to review the patient files. The doctor continued to prescribe her drugs even after he was told the patient was “doctor-shopping” and a drug screen showed the use of illegal drugs.

The second patient died only days after being prescribed oxymorphone by the Pittsburgh doctor. The patient had originally sought medical treatment for lower back pain from a vehicle accident and was prescribed opioids in “the absence of a clear structural diagnosis.”

This doctor’s actions and prescriptions are what prosecutors feel led to the deaths by overdose of his two patients.

This type of death can be referred to as medical malpractice for administering the wrong medicine and/or wrong dose of medicine. It is unfortunate to have occurred at all, but it happens more often than one might think. It does not always result in a fatality, but a doctor’s or medical professional’s mistake or misjudgment can have long-lasting and debilitating effects.

That is why if you or a loved one has suffered due to an error by a medical professional, you should contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

The attorneys at Quinn Logue, LLC in Pittsburgh represent families in such a position. You should not suffer due to the negligence of a healthcare professional.

The attorneys at Quinn Logue, LLC take the time to identify any and every party that may have contributed to your accident. They aim to make sure you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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