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The 4 Elements of a Medical Malpractice Claim

February 28, 2020

medical malpractice

It’s easy to look at doctors and other health care professionals as superheroes, but that type of perception is unrealistic. These individuals are humans just like us, which means they’re prone to making errors.

What happens if a doctor’s error is the result of carelessness, neglect, or a simple lack of concern for your well-being? What happens when you get injured because your doctor is too preoccupied with responding to a text message rather than monitoring your vitals? These types of situations are unacceptable. Thankfully, victims do have recourse. They can seek out a medical malpractice claim if they can prove all of the following elements are present.

A Duty of Care

The first thing you must prove in a medical malpractice claim is that the doctor or medical professional had a duty to provide for your care. You can usually prove this element easily by showing that a doctor-patient relationship existed.

A Breach in the Duty of Care

Next, you must show that your doctor breached their duty of care towards you. In medical malpractice claims, that means you must prove that your doctor’s actions and behavior were outside of the scope of the reasonable care that another doctor would have provided.

This is the most challenging aspect to prove in court. It’s difficult to distinguish the difference between an honest mistake and a negligent or reckless mistake. Often, you’ll need to enlist the help of a medical expert witness who can explain to the court how a reasonable doctor should have acted.

The Breach of Duty Directly Caused Your Injury

Next, you must show that the negligence displayed by your doctor directly caused your injury. To prove this, you must show that your injury didn’t exist prior to your doctor’s actions, and they aren’t a result of a pre-existing condition.

Your Injury Led to Specific Damages

Finally, you must prove that your injury led to measurable damages. Damages come in the form of financial loss. Medical bills, lost wages, and disability are all forms of damages. You’ll want to provide the court with documentation that proves these damages. In some cases, you could also seek out compensation for non-monetary damages like emotional pain and suffering.

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